Water Damage Restoration Company Reviews the Dangers of Water Damage
Sunday, October 31st 2021, 7:00 PM

4 Worst Effects of Water Damage to You and Your Home

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Most property owners are aware that water exposure in a structure can cause extensive damage, but many don’t realize just how much. The experts at SERVPRO, a leading water damage restoration company serving  Leander, TX, and the surrounding areas, are here to explain four of the worst effects of water damage after flooding, plumbing incidents, and storms.

SERVPRO specializes in emergency water restoration along with repairs for commercial and residential properties. Their crews work around the clock to help home and business owners minimize the effects of water damage and the risk of secondary damage.

Review the Worst Effects of Water Damage

#1: Mold Infestations

Water damage can allow excess moisture into homes and businesses. Water restoration companies will take steps to remove water quickly, but they also need to focus on drying out and dehumidifying all areas exposed to water.

Any remaining moisture can encourage the growth of mold in:

  •       Carpet
  •       Furniture, like couches
  •       Wallpaper and drywall

Mold can spread quickly after it begins growing, often necessitating help from mold remediation companies. Mold spores can cause physical effects when inhaled. Individuals exposed to mold often report shortness of breath, headaches, coughing, and other physical symptoms. SERVPRO can help with both water and mold removal.

#2: Damage to Furniture and Appliances

Water can damage more than the structure of a home or business. Rising water from a flood or pipe burst may come into contact with furniture, such as the legs of couches or chairs. Wooden furniture may warp or split when exposed to water.

Electronic devices can also suffer damage. Water can short out televisions and ruin computers or speakers. A residential and commercial cleaning service can take steps to remove water quickly, preventing it from ruining furniture and electronics.

#3: Increased Issues with Bugs

Many insect species thrive best in humid and warm environments. Water damage—even from a leaking pipe—can increase humidity levels inside homes and businesses in Texas. Higher humidity encourages fleas and mosquitos to breed inside properties. Removing this excess moisture is the first step in stopping the infestation.

#4: Exposure to Dangerous Contaminants

Finally, some water damage events include blackwater (water that contains contaminants from human waste). This kind of water may carry bacteria and viruses, which can easily cause serious diseases.

Blackwater becomes a major concern in properties that experience a sewage backup or toilet overflow. However, black water can also enter properties during floods, as the water may get contaminated by sewage before entering the home or business.

Sometimes, properties also face exposure to dirty water after a fire when sprinkler systems kick on. That’s why it’s best to look to fire restoration companies that also have the experience to handle water damage.

Get Help Mitigating the Effects of Water Damage

Water damage events can have many severe effects on homes and businesses around Texas. Property owners can take steps to return their property to pristine condition by contacting SERVPRO for water damage restoration services.

SERVPRO technicians are on call 24/7, allowing them to move quickly in the event of a water damage emergency. As a locally owned and operated company, SERVPRO always put their clients first, focusing on removing water, eradicating moisture, and inspecting for any signs of mold growth. Set up an appointment for water damage cleanup by calling (512) 318-2202.

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